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Cosplay Mom Sightings

Now that ABANDON STATION has been released, you think promo probably stops. Yeah, right. There's no such thing. So, I'm going to use this time to post some places where you might catch me leaving some merch around convention halls and probably chatting it up with people. I absolutely LOVE doing this as much as I do author panels. That being said, if you see me around, stop and say hello, take pics, or scream "Ohmygod! You're that amazing bestselling author! I can't believe you're here!" Not only will the shock and fear on my face make for a great TicTok video, but you never know when I might have some extra merch to give away.

BanzaiCon - March 9th only

SC ComicCon - April 6th and 7th

MomoCon - May 24th through 27th

SC ComicCon Jr. - TBA

Oh, and since I rarely brag, I'll take the time to do it now. This is my kiddo, Middle Bit, cosplaying Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. I think she's awesome!!

Cosplaying Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul


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