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SLAY: Stories of the Vampire NOIRE
Message in a Vessel by V.G. Harrison from the Slay Anthology
Message in a Vessel by V.G. Harrison reprinted in Apex Magazine

Message in a Vessel

Set very far in the future where the world has is inhabited by vampires. Only the most useful humans are allowed to be changed, and the rest become cattle. With food supplies running low, anything is up for grabs, including whatever lies beyond our solar system. This is what happens when some aren't comfortable with that idea. 

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"The characters are vivid and the horror of the world is sinister, though it lurks under a clinical veneer. I loved this story. It was a piece of sci-fi mastery and I hope that Harrison creates so much more based on this premise."

-  Horror Addicts

Message in a Vessel by V.G. Harrison reminded me of Octavia Butler’s storytelling in style and characterisation.

Carmilla Voiez

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Available from:  Amazon and Apex Magazine (reprint)

Viability Series
Viable Eggs, book 1 in the Viability series by V.G. Harrison

In the year 2061, the human race is racing toward extinction. The few babies that were conceived are nothing more than mutant monstrosities known as T-rex babies. Governments around the world have come together to not only share their medical research, but to enforce strict breeding policies that range from fourteen year olds having sex to mandated insemination. 

Helicopter pilot, Lilia Grayson has delighted in casual sex like billions of others, only to discover she's carrying the first set of identical twins in more than twenty-five years. Forget being in the 0.1 percent who can reproduce. She's in a category of her own. Now that she has entered the exclusive ranks of the Mother 2 Be program, she's living the glamorous life of million-dollar endorsements, touring the country, and billions of adoring fans who know more about her body measurements than she cares to. 

The Mortality Agency promises to keep her and her family safe, but their primary concern is good breeding stock. Lilia's sisters are subjected to brutal reproductive treatments that ultimately lead to devastating consequences felt by her entire family. Even though she knows she'll remain a prisoner of the program until her babies are taken away to start their indoctrination, she has to act now to save her loved ones.

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Viable Fetuses, book 2 in the Viability series by V.G. Harrison

Lilia Grayson, the first woman to give birth to twins in more than twenty-five years, has entered her second trimester with a blast when members of a radical group called the Right Hand's Wrath invade her parent's home on Christmas Day. Everyone survives, but the Mortality Agency's plan to put Lilia in hiding backfires when she's kidnapped by a billionaire Jason Pollard. 

Pollard's wants to find the perfect breeder for his son, Liam, who's a reluctant member of Generation X-tinction. But the family has their own set of secrets, including their membership to another radical group called the International Artemis League. Their goal is to create a utopia where children of Generation X-tinction aren't subjected to the indoctrination and perversion of their respective international governments. Convincing Lilia of their intentions will be the tough, since it's something their money can't buy. 

The Artemis League's private island of Nysa is where children laugh and play, go to a normal school, and are nurtured by their parents without government interference. Three things that Lilia longs for more than anything. Now that the truth has been revealed about her missing third baby and the cover up by the feds, Lilia alone holds the key to destroying the Mortality Agency. When agents land on the island paradise and assume control, she will do everything in her power to protect the children, even if that means being imprisoned for the rest of her life.

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Viable Babies, book 3 in the Viability series by V.G. Harrison

Lilia Grayson is near the end of her third trimester and out of time. Her outspokenness against fertility laws forces the more the Mortality Agency to clamp down on her activities. With a presidential election looming, they can't afford to lose the hold they have over her and the rest of the country. 

One last tour during her third trimester ends when a group of rebels crash the venue. It's the perfect time to go into hiding, but rather than make a move to save herself, she helps other Mothers-To-Be escape into the underground. 

When Lilia is betrayed by someone close to her, the Mortality Agency isolates her from everyone, including her lover. Desperate, she takes her freedom fight to the World Health Organization, unsure if they'll intervene or make things worse. It's a chance she'll have to take and pray it's the right one.

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Project Solstice Series
Section 51, book 1 in the Project Solstice series by V.G. Harrison

Book #1


Empath Ava Frost is searching for her triplet brother, Ian, who’s disappeared without a trace. When she learns he’s been murdered and his death covered up, she also discovers a terrifying secret that could endanger billions of people across the planet…


Skinwalkers, vampires, and werewolves – the entire supernatural world, in fact – are the result of breeding between humans and aliens who crash-landed on earth thousands of years ago. Now, Section 51 is a super top-secret facility dedicated to splicing alien genes with human ones to create an unstoppable army of soldiers.


Determined to hunt down her brother’s killer, Ava inadvertently becomes the target of Colonel Briggs, the megalomaniac in charge of Section 51. He has plans for Ava’s unique abilities…plans that would give him the key to world domination. And if she doesn’t unravel the mystery Ian left behind, Briggs will splice it out of her as well as her last surviving brother.


Available from:

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Department 51, book 2 in the Project Solstice series by V.G. Harrison

Book #2


Ava Frost has spent the past three months mourning the death of her brother, Ian, but now she’s facing criminal charges from Department 51 – charges that could put her in federal prison for the rest of her life unless she accepts their "work-release" deal.


She can hardly stand working for the organization she blames for the death of her brother, yet while on the Department 51 base, she makes a chilling discovery… a sentient, complex computer program called Ian 2 has been imprinted with her brother's anagrams. More shocking, the computer is linked to her brain, sharing the same organic metal as her cybernetic implant.


Department 51 wants her to disable Ian 2, but when an alien craft threatens the Earth, Ava discovers her brother’s computer program may be the only key to deciphering the invaders’ intentions. Can she use Ian 2 to stop the alien invasion? Or will she be forced to save herself when a band of supernaturals try to remove her implant and Ian 2 can't reach her?


Available from:

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Unit 51, book 3 in the Project Solstice series by V.G. Harrison

Book #3


The aliens have stepped up their game via a series of pinpointed EMP attacks, starting with the weapons research base Unit 51. Like the base, Ava learns just how vulnerable she is after another EMP strike not only cuts her off from Ian 2, but crashes her plane. Her only hope for rescue is a small, Canadian town where the residents are werewolves.


They know about Project Solstice, and they're not the only ones. Dozens of supernaturals have joined forces to share not only their technological advances, but to prepare for a confrontation with Project Solstice. When an EMP barrage is launched on the supernaturals’ “safe ground”, it’s proof that the real war is with everyone on Earth regardless of their race.


A temporary truce has humans and supernaturals joining forces. But is anyone safe with paranoia, bigotry, and treachery running rampant among the Unit 51 ranks? Will Ava stay off an alien dissection table after mentally connecting with the alien war ship?


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Space 51, book 4 in the Project Solstice series by V.G. Harrison

Book #4

Ava Frost has a new mission and a new enemy. To stop the impending alien invasion of Earth, she and her brother Elias must use their special connection to computerized consciousness Ian 2 to infiltrate Space 51, an illegal base in orbit around Saturn’s moon.


The human alien hybrids on Space 51 could play a vital role in defeating a hostile alien race that nearly wiped them all out once…and plans to try again. But can they be trusted? As Ava struggles to figure out if working with the human aliens of Space 51 is enough to stave off the coming invasion, she becomes the target of a malevolent telepath who may be eavesdropping on her every conversation.


Needing to escape the telepath and severe the connection, Ava returns to Earth with Elias and discovers information about a secret sect of humans called MJ-21, which was initially formed on Earth but eventually abandoned it due to political dissention. Their mission is to maintain a presence among the human alien races throughout the galaxy, no matter how many lives it costs. Can Ava and Elias convince MJ-21 to join the fight against the coming invaders and save the billions of people they left behind? Or will past agendas and political ambitions once more leave Earth an easy target?


Available from:

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