V.G. Harrison ~ Sci-Fi Author with a Touch of Paranormal


Science fiction has been my love since I was a little kid who purposely tried to stay up at 11 PM to watch Star TrekI've been writing for a few years now and even though I watch a lot of sci-fi, I don't read it nearly as much of it as I do paranormal. It made sense to combine the two and come up with my Project Solstice series. From there, it's been pure science fiction all the way. 


I like to write sci-fi that has some basis in reality. So whenever I introduce something like the Fine Structure Constant or quantum entanglement, I do as much research as possible to make the story plausible. I don't like to rehash something that made you fall asleep in physics class, but rather, insert just enough to stir your imagination in the right direction. I guess my overly-priced engineering degree paid off. 


Between the day job, family, and enjoying life as a southeastern implant, I'm either hiking, binge watching TV, or trying to connect with my daughter, Jayden (that's what she likes to be called today) on a cool level. I’m sure I’m failing at that last one, so I’ve resigned to embarrassing myself whenever things don’t go as planned.  

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