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It's Another Space 51 Update

I had put Space 51 up for pre-sale (or whatever it's called) on Amazon and other places. The hope was to have it completed by June 2016. It was a personal goal, really.

Well, there's a good chance that goal will be met sooner rather than later. If all goes well, no later than February 2016. Of course, that depends upon things like actually finishing the book, which is closer than you think. There are also things like getting an editor, putting together an exciting blurb, and securing the right cover art. It's not easy, but I want it done right and not haphazardly or half-heartedly. As a reader, you deserve that much from me.

Now the part that sucks is that I don't have anything planned beyond Space 51 and there's a good reason for that. I haven't gotten to the end of it yet. Honestly, there are less than 5,000 words to go, but I need to make sure all of the loose ends are tied up this time. If I push this into a fifth or sixth book, I don't want anything hanging between those books.

All I can say about Space 51 right now is conspiracy theories are afoot...only, they're not longer theories.

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