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It's Another SLAY-time Roundup

Con-tinual SLAY Panel - LIVE on Saturday 9/15 at 2PM.

Don't miss it because I will be there. Check out their Facebook page here:

HWA Quick Bites

Want to know what's happening these days with busy SLAY authors? Check out the links below:

We are in the September edition of Horror Writers Association's Quick Bites!! This is HUGE! Check it out:

Alicia McCalla's podcast with Penelope Flynn

I think I like podcasts these days and this one is no exception. Check it out:

Come SLAY With Us Podcast

So much fun and so many authors. This is a can't miss. Check it out:

More Authors and more seven questions with Milton Davis

Enjoy the link:! Oh, and keep an eye out for my post, too. ;-)

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