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Heading to Ichibancon!

I love attending cons, especially with my cosplay expert also known as Middle Bit (a.k.a. Collie). Sometimes I get into the cosplay mode with her, but most of the time I'm just wearing my "Cosplay Mom" shirt and making sure everyone knows I'm with her.

So for my next con, we're heading to Ichibancon. Woohoooooo! This will be our second year going and I can easily see this one end upon our con roster. It's so much fun! If you're not cosplaying at this convention, then you're the minority there.that's okay But because you'll still have a lot of fun there. I know I sure do.

If you're going to be there the first weekend (1/4 to 1/7) and see me with my Cosplay Mom shirt, don't be afraid to say, "Hello!" I love meeting new faces and other ones I've met before.


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