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Counting Down SLAY Day with Podcasts, Reviews, and Interviews, Oh My!

It's getting busier and busier as we get closer to SLAY's release. So I thought it was time to post a couple of places where you can catch up on the latest and get to know a few more authors from the anthology. Check them out.

Loving this review of SLAY!

What to hear my only second podcast ever? I'm with my fabulous editor Nicole Givens Kurtz and author Sumiko Saulson whose words are like decadent chocolate for your ears. Check it out here:

Oh but wait. You might want to hear my first one, too. ;-)

Want a little more? The cool Steve Van Samson is talking about his contribution to SLAY and it sounds absolutely amazing!

But wait! Wait. I have one more very cool author who's first sentence drew me into her SLAY story. I have Nicole to thank for that. In fact, she talks more about it in my second podcast. Anyway, check out this excerpt from the amazing K.R.S. McEntire:

And just in case you missed it, don't forget that SLAY is up for pre-order on Amazon:


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