Available today the Viability series from author V.G. Harrison.

The Viability Series takes place about 50 years into the future and it answers the question about what would happen if we human extinction had been declared. What would happen in terms of the miniscule number of people who could still conceive viable births? Would we give into media sensationalism of every blessed event? How would the government react? Would they step in and take control, and if so, to what extent? There are conspiracy theorists, religious zealots, and billions of corporate dollars at stake, and it's all in the name of reproduction. All of this and more will swallow up the world of Lilia Grayson...and attempt to destroy those who mean to protect her. After all, she's the goose with the golden eggs. The Viable Eggs, to be exact, book one in the Viability Series. It's Children of Men meets The Hunger Games. Heaven help the children who are born into this "new world" of disorder.


If you're curious, continue exploring. Otherwise, I wish you well in terms of finding your own truth.

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V.G. Harrison ~ Sci-Fi Author with a Touch of Paranormal
V.G. Harrison ~ Sci-Fi Author with a Touch of Paranormal
V.G. Harrison ~ Sci-Fi Author with a Touch of Paranormal

This story is surprisingly good. It's very easy to read, it moves very quickly, and it will certainly keep the reader, whether science fiction or paranormal fan, very interested.


-Dead Trees Review for Section 51          


The second installment to the Project Solstice series is frightening and a genuine nail-biter. Wildly imaginative and terrifying at times. A great accompaniment to any book lover's shelf.


-MissRead13 for Department 51          


Harrison writes so convincingly that even those who do not usually seek out fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal novels will be seduced by this series. As bizarre as the characters and actions are, they become part of our psyches - polished writing such as this is a gift.


-Grady Harp (Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer) for Unit 51          

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Thank you, fans!

I can't thank you guys enough for reading my Viability series and Project Solstice series. You're awesome! My only regret is that it's taken me this long to develop another series I hope you'll enjoy as much, if not more than my first. I'm currently at work on a new series, so say tuned.


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Section 51

While investigating her brother's strange behavior, Ava Frost uncovers a government secret that will alter the entire world. Vampires, werewolves, witches. They all have their own origins, and Earth isn't it. These creatures are the ancestors of aliens who have crash-landed on the Earth throughout history. But that's not what scares Ava the most. It's what our government did with the debris.